I see a deer!

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Oh noooooo, we're home from our walk...

My dog Max is a 3 ½ year old German Shorthaired Pointer mix.  Although he is not a pure bred German Shorthaired Pointer he displays many of the traits present in the bred.  From pointing on walks to the way he cocks his head to side when you speak to him you can definitely see strong German Shorthaired Pointer traits present in him. 

Max is a super active dog and is very inquisitive.  If he could go on 10 walks a day he probably would love to.  I live in a suburban area, but there are many parks within a short drive.  My normal routine with him includes a 15-20 minute walk in the morning and a 30-40 minute walk in the evening.  On the weekends when the weather cooperates we go on hikes in the park.  He is hilarious on walks; especially in the parks on trails that animals other than dogs frequent because he is non-stop tracking and pointing when he sees small rodents or birds in the brush. 

He is an extremely loving dog and is very friendly to everyone he encounters.  The only problem I have with him is that sometimes he is too excited and when there are children or elderly people around his affectionate jumping can be a problem.  He has gotten much better with this especially in the last year or so now that he is no longer a pup.  His favorite toys are ropes.  I have tried playing with stuffed animal toys with him and as you (and now I) could imagine they are little match for him. 

He barks very little; if he is barking something worth attention is going on.  When he is inside he often times sits by the window and watches the goings on of the neighborhood.  If he is at all intrigued by what is going on outside he will vigorously wag his tail or if he sees a deer or other animal will let out a low toned growling sound. 

He is a great dog and definitely keeps me on my toes and active!  I would recommend this breed to individuals/families who have time for lots of activity and affection.


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